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Mijn Pensioenplein app: gain insight into your pension whenever and wherever you want

The Mijn Pensioenplein app is part of a.s.r's Werknemers Pensioen. It gives you permanent access to your benefit statement.

  • Your personal benefit statement in a.s.r.'s Werknemers Pensioen
  • Gain insight into your pension whenever and wherever you want
Download the app
How the app works

The Mijn Pensioenplein app provides an overview of, and insight into, your pension:

  • See at a glance when your pension will come into payment
  • See how much your pension is likely to be with a.s.r.
  • See what arrangements have been made for your surviving dependants

You can also view what has been recorded in your pension scheme:

  • Your personal details
  • Your employment data
  • The current value of your plan assets

In addition, view the pension documents kept in your file, such as:

  • The pension scheme rules
  • The pension agreement

Finally, use the app to access all of our contact details. You can contact us by telephone, WhatsApp or by completing the contact form.
We will be adding more functionalities to the Mijn Pensioenplein app in the coming period.

Please visit our Employee Pension page for more information and contact details.