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Cohabitation marriage and civil partnership

What happens to your pension if you marry, enter into a civil partnership or start cohabiting? And when is your partner certain of receiving a partner's pension if you die?

Consequences for your pension
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What other points should you bear in mind?
  • If you marry, enter into a civil partnership or start cohabiting after your retirement, your partner will not receive a partner’s pension after your death.
  • If you remarry or enter into a second civil partnership or cohabitation after divorce or separation, the partner’s pension received by your new partner will be reduced by the partner’s pension or special partner’s pension to which your ex-partner is entitled. For this reason, your second partner will not receive the entire partner’s pension if you die.
  • If you die after you have left the service of your employer, the partner’s pension payable under your former employer’s pension scheme may have lapsed, for example because the partner's pension was insured on a risk basis. You can find this information on your uniform benefit statement.

For more information, see the consequences of death for your pension.

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