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Leave and your pension with a.s.r.

Will you be taking parental leave, long-term care leave or vitality leave? Or are you planning a sabbatical? If so, you then take leave. You then work less or not at all during that period. It could result in you not accruing a pension during your leave.

Together with your employer, you have made arrangements as to whether or not your pension accrual continues during your period of leave. These arrangements are laid down in the employment conditions or the collective labour agreement. Often your pension accrual changes during the period of leave, but sometimes it does not. Therefore always make sure to check with your employer to find out what the arrangements are within your company.

  • Parental leave toon
  • Long-term care leave toon
  • Sabbatical toon
  • Vitality leave toon
The partner's pension does not change

What does not change during the leave is the partner's pension. This will continue to be fully insured. Your last salary will serve as the starting point for the period of leave. Your employer may choose to also insure the orphan's pension during the leave. In some pension schemes, this is already automatically the case.