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Combining your pensions: transfer of accrued benefits

You are accruing pension benefits with a.s.r. If you have also accrued pension with your former employer or employers, you can combine your pensions and take your accrued pension with you to a.s.r. We call this a transfer of accrued benefits. Sometimes this is done automatically and sometimes you have to arrange this yourself.

Transfer of accrued benefits: automatically or arrange it yourself?
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  • Arranging the transfer of accrued benefits yourself toon
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Consult an independent adviser

Whether a particular course of action is advisable in your specific circumstances is often hard to decide. If you want help making your choice, you should contact an independent adviser. Such an adviser can provide you with customized advice. Discuss with your adviser in advance what you will be charged for the advice and what exactly any additional service entails.

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Combining your pensions