Activity trackers & fitness apps

You earn Vitality points for daily exercise. We record your exercise by connecting the a.s.r. Vitality app to an activity tracker you have linked to a fitness app or directly to a fitness app alone. This page lists the compatible trackers & apps you can use. It explains how to pair and synchronise these to earn Vitality points.

Which apps and activity trackers work?

We record exercise using steps, heart rate, cycled kilometers and sports lessons. In the overview below you can see which metrics are recorded (steps and heartrate) by which activity tracker & app tracks to earn Vitality Points. Steps are automatically counted and added up every day. To record your heart rate you will need to record a fitness event with your app or activity tracker. And to keep track of your cycled kilometers, download de a.s.r. Vitality Fietsapp.

If you click on the link to your activity tracker, you will see an explanation of how to link it to the Vitality app and how to sync it to earn Vitality Points.

If you don't have an activity tracker, you can buy a Fitbit or Apple Watch via a.s.r. Vitality and earn part of the purchase price back each month.

Fitness app Activity tracker Steps awarded with Vitality points Heartbeat awarded with Vitality points Besturingssysteem 
 Apple Gezondheid Apple Watch Yes Yes
 Fitbit Fitbit Yes Yes
iOS & Android 
 Garmin Garmin Yes
iOS & Android
 Google Fit Geen Yes
 Healthmate Withings Yes
No iOS & Android
 Polar Polar Yes
iOS & Android
 Samsung Health Samsung Yes
 Strava Meerdere No Yes
iOS & Android 
 Suunto Suunto Yes
No iOS & Android

N.B. a.s.r. Vitality will not award points for apps and activity trackers not listed in the overview. This also applies if the app and activity tracker are linked in other combinations.

This is how to pair your activity tracker
  • Apple Health app toon
  • Apple Watch toon
  • Fitbit toon
  • Connect/ Garmin  toon
  • Google Fit toon
  • Withings toon
  • Polar toon
  • Samsung Health/Samsung toon
  • Strava toon
  • Suunto toon
My app or tracker does not work

We aim to enable synchronisation with as many activity trackers and apps as possible. The reason that some do not work yet (or not optimally) is that we are unable to check if some types of data they provide have been entered or modified manually. We are working hard to find a solution so we can add more devices to this overview.

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