Employee Pension

Working together to create a pension provision

You aim to be an employer of choice. This is why you wish to offer your employees excellent employee benefits, such as a good pension. The a.s.r. Employee Pension is more than just a top-notch pension scheme – it actually improves your employees’ financial health.

  • Guaranteed no hassle: implementation within two weeks
  • Does not impose a fixed contract duration
  • Is fully available in English
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Why choose the Employee Pension scheme? 

We try to make things easy for you by ensuring a seamless implementation within two weeks and by providing user-friendly digital services for you and your employees. Our preferred approach is to collaborate closely with you and your employees to ensure that your employees actively start securing a pension provision as soon as possible. We offer straightforward tools, clear communication and service that is personal.

And our approach has been very successful as the a.s.r. Employee Pension scheme has been on the market for five years now and more than 5000 employers have opted for this scheme, including Plastic Soup Foundation, USG People, Visma | Raet and Miele.

All you need to know about a.s.r.'s Employee Pension
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A personal approach

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Are you an employer and already a customer with us? Then call 0031 (0)30 257 42 66.

Not yet a customer with us
Are you an employer and would you like to know more about the Employee Pension scheme? Please contact our pension specialists Dirk Schoute or Bente Feldberg. They are happy to help with any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can contact your own adviser.

Employee Pension