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Do-it Pension is an ideal solution for employers who want to arrange a pension scheme for their employees without any hassle. So that they accrue a pension for later and are insured in case of occupational disability and death. Easily arranged for a workforce of only one employee upwards, and within any budget. We like to help HR professionals and entrepreneurs get started in the world of pensions. Curious about the costs?

Hassle-free pension planning 

Do-it Pension in brief:

  • Each employee accrues their own pension capital.
  • The monthly pension contribution is invested for the employee.
  • Your employee can influence their pension capital through choices on My Do-it Pension.
  • Your employees will use this pension capital to purchase a lifelong pension on their retirement date.

Want to know more about Do-it Pension?
Call our experts or request the brochure.

Do-it Pension consists of modules. The more modules, the more comprehensive the pension scheme. There are two modules with which your employees accrue pension capital and three modules that provide proper insurance for your employees.

  • the Pension module
  • the Extra Pension module
  • the Death Benefits module
  • the Extra Death Benefits module
  • the waiver of contributions on incapacity for work module
The contribution for pension accrual can be paid entirely by you as the employer. But in consultation with your employees, they can also pay part of it. The remaining modules are paid for by the employer.

You naturally wish your employees the very best, without spending unnecessarily in the process. So Do-it Pension could be right for you. We like to keep pensions simple and clear, without complicated extras and are always ready to help you.

What about the costs? We have a helpful calculation tool for that. It gives you an idea of this investment in your people.

Are you looking for advice? Then we will be happy to refer you to an independent pension adviser.

We are here for you and for your employees. So they too can rely on our service. Using My Do-it Pension, your employees can always keep track of how their pensions are doing. For example, they can see what the investments are currently worth and the amount of retirement income they can expect to purchase. 
Various tools are also available in My Do-it Pension. Using the Pension Planner, for example, employees can see for themselves how extra contributions will impact their pensions.

Good to know that we only provide information and do not provide advice. It may be useful to seek advice from an (independent) pension advisor. An advisor will check whether the pension plan suits your wishes and objectives. We will gladly put you in contact with someone in your area with whom we have had good experience.

Within our sustainable investment policy, your employees have investment freedom. As an employer, you choose how much investment freedom your employees have. This allows you to give all your employees the same investment profile, a personal profile or full investment freedom.

Your employees will have access to My Do-it Pension. This is where they can see their accrued pension capital. If an employee wishes to make voluntary additional contributions, this is possible if you as the employer offer this option in the pension scheme. The pension capital is invested in investment funds. The employee can use their accrued pension capital to purchase a pension when they retire.

When an employee is approaching their retirement date, the investment risk for the accrued pension capital in their pension account is gradually reduced. This is known as life cycle investing.

Download our Investment policy

Sustainable investment policy
At Do-it Pension, we invest according to a.s.r.'s sustainability policy. This means not investing pension contributions in companies that, for example, produce weapons, trade in tobacco or allow child labour. Our investment policy aims to contribute to a better world and we are therefore proud that all our funds comply with a.s.r.'s sustainable investment policy. Read more about how we invest.

We have a number of commitments and targets with respect to sustainability. The biggest impact a.s.r. currently has is through its investments. With these investments, we indirectly impact people, society and the environment. You can read more about our sustainability policy. If you wish to know more about our investments, take a look at our page on investing.

Sustainable investment
Countries and companies that do not meet our criteria are excluded from our investment portfolio. Our focus is on investing in countries and companies that contribute to a sustainable society. How do we do this? Based on positive selection criteria (Dutch PDF), we rank companies and countries that are leading in terms of sustainability by promoting the energy transition and combating the risks of climate change, or focusing on themes we believe to be important, such as healthcare and education.

So what do we do, for example?
We do not invest in the arms, tobacco and gambling industries. Or in companies that derive much of their revenue from nuclear power, oil shale and coal. We also demand that companies comply with international conventions on human rights, employment rights and the environment. We have criteria for gender equality, a living wage, trade union freedom and exclusion of child labour. For investments in sovereign bonds, we look at issues such as the degree of democratic freedom and corruption. And we engage with the companies and the governments of countries we invest in. In this way, we believe we can create more value, both financially and socially.

Sustainable Finance Action Plan
The financial sector has an important role to play in achieving a greener and more sustainable economy. An action plan has been drawn up at European level: the Sustainable Finance Action Plan. This plan aims to encourage the financial sector to invest more in activities that focus on the longer term and on sustainability.

One of the European regulations resulting from the action plan is the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). The objective of the SFDR is to improve the disclosure of sustainable investments within the financial sector. We like to provide insight into how we invest and why. In addition to our Socially Responsible Investment policy, we also provide more information on sustainability through a Principal Adverse Impacts Statement (PAI Statement). When investing, there is the possibility of potentially negative impacts. These are also known as the adverse effects (of investments). How we deal with adverse impacts is described in the PAI Statement (PDF). In addition, we publish quarterly reports describing the actions we are taking in the area of sustainability. You can find those posts on the Sustainable Investor page (in Dutch), as well as our voting policy and our codes of conduct. You can also view .

Pre-contractual information
Within the investments of defined contribution schemes, we are also concerned with various sustainability aspects, such as social and environmental characteristics. In the documents below you can read, among other things, how we deal with sustainability risks. And how these risks are factored into how we make decisions. The composition of the investments evolves with the employee's age, which we also call the 'life cycle'. We therefore provide the information for two different age groups:

This information can also be found in layer 3 of the Pension 1-2-3.

Regular sustainability information
Our investment funds promote sustainability or have sustainability as an objective. We therefore like to provide insight into how our investments have performed in terms of sustainability. Read information on how Do-it Pension's investments have performed in terms of sustainability (PDF in Dutch).

Sustainability information
We also assess, measure and monitor sustainability. In the documents below, we describe the methods, data sources and selection criteria we use:

Financially fit employees

The costs of Do-it Pension for both your company and your employees are low. But we offer more. Everything is online, so no paperwork is involved. Lots of freedom, you decide what your pension scheme looks like and who pays what. We invest the contributions globally with attention to people and the environment. And if anything occurs, a service-oriented, entrepreneurial team is ready to assist you. Together, this is how we ensure the financial fitness of your employees. 

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A pension scheme for employees through their employer, in which they accrue a pension through monthly contributions. The contributions are invested according to our SRI policy.

Flexible pension
You can easily adjust the pension scheme if your business changes. So your pension scheme can grow with you in a way that suits your needs. A pension scheme may vary slightly in each stage of your business.

Employees are well insured
Your employees will have online insight and influence over their own pensions. They can make personal additional contributions for later or adjust their investment profile. In addition, with Do-it Pension, your people are always insured in case of occupational disability or death.

Our service will surprise you
We make pension easy for employers and employees and strive to positively surprise our customers with our service. You will get solution-oriented customer service employees on the line who see things from your point of view and are happy to go the extra mile. Experience our service directly yourself by making a telephone appointment and get all your questions answered.

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