Early retirement

If you are considering retiring before your official retirement date, you will need to ensure you have sufficient funds to do so. This is why it is important that you gain a solid understanding of your financial situation as soon as possible. Early retirement may sound attractive, but it needs to be financially feasible as well.

What should you bear in mind?  

If you opt to take early retirement, this will have certain financial implications:

  • You will accrue less pension because you will have worked for a shorter period of time.
  • You will receive the state pension (AOW) only from statutory retirement age onwards.
  • You will not earn an income once you stop working. If you opt for early retirement, you will need to spread the accrued pension over a longer period of time. This means you will receive a lower pension.

You will need to take several factors into account when determining how much money will be required to take early retirement. For instance, your personal circumstances and how much pension has been accrued up to that point will be of crucial importance when making these kinds of decisions.

Start supplementing your pension in time

It is never too early to start supplementing your pension: the earlier you start, the better. If you want to find out how to do this, we recommend reading our section on accruing extra pension (Dutch only). If you would like to know how much pension you have accrued so far, conduct a pension check:

Part-time retirement 

Another option available to you is that of part-time retirement. This allows you to work two days a week – or less if you like. It goes without saying that this will affect the level of your pension, because a portion of your pension will be paid out to you. But, you will continue to accrue pension over those hours for which you are still in employment and will continue to do so until you reach retirement age. You will be able to take up part-time retirement from the age of 55. You will, however, require your employer’s approval to do so.

Please inform us of your new retirement date

Please notify us if you have made a decision about your retirement and have set a new retirement date. You can do this by completing the Approaching early retirement date (Dutch only) form.

Consult an independent adviser

It can be tricky trying to decide which course of action is most appropriate for your particular situation. An independent adviser can help as he or she will give you customized advice. Please be sure to discuss in advance what your adviser will charge for this service and if any additional services are required and what they entail.

Extra information & downloads

Please notify us if you have made a decision about your retirement and have set a new retirement date. You can do this by completing the Approaching early retirement date (Dutch only) form.

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