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Pension and resignation, redundancy or dismissal

Your pension accrual will stop if you leave your current employer, are made redundant, or are dismissed. We would like to inform you about how employment termination affects your pension.

How will your pension be affected?

You will retain your accrued pension in the event of employment termination. If you are planning on joining your new employer’s pension scheme, you will be able to transfer your accrued pension benefits to the new scheme. This is called a transfer of accrued benefits. You can find out more about how this process works by consulting your new employer’s pension provider.

  • Automatic transfer of accrued benefits for small pensions hide toon
  • Very small pensions will be cancelled hide toon
Implications for partner's pension

Terminating your employment will have certain implications for your partner’s pension. Partner’s pension is what your partner and children will receive in the event of your death. Your particular pension scheme determines whether you are covered for a risk-based partner’s pension or an accrual-based partner’s pension.

  • Accrual-based partner’s pension toon
  • Risk-based partner’s pension toon
  • Surviving dependants’ benefit insurance toon
New employer

If you are about to start working for a new employer, their pension scheme might have a provision for a partner's pension as well. If a partner’s pension is no longer included in your previous employer’s pension scheme, you will start accruing a partner’s pension from scratch through your new employer. However, it is questionable as to whether this will earn enough income for your partner if you were to die. Perhaps your new employer does offer cover for a supplementary partner’s pension. You can also opt to take out a supplementary term life insurance (in Dutch) policy.

If you become incapacitated for work

Your cover for a waiver of contributions stops if your employment ends. Please let us know if you become incapacitated for work within a period of two years, as we can then check whether you are eligible for a waiver of contributions during this period of disability. If you are eligible for a waiver of contributions, we will shoulder the payment of your pension contributions so that you continue to accrue pension while you are incapacitated for work. This applies to the partner’s pension as well.

Please consult the pension scheme rules to find out more about your pension and disability. You will find this information in layer 3 of Pension 1-2-3 (in Dutch).

Nearing retirement

Your pension will be paid out to you if retirement is the reason your employment is ending. Please click on one of the links below to find out more about the retirement process:

Your Uniform Benefit Statement (UBS) will specify what type of pension scheme you have joined.

Any other questions?

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