Your digital health insurance card

As of May 2023 a.s.r. will no longer automatically hand out hard copy health insurance cards. Instead, a digital card will be made available in the a.s.r. app, so you'll never have to worry about losing your health insurance card ever again. And it's also better for the environment!

About your health insurance card

Your personal health insurance card proves that you are insured for medical costs. Upon request it can also be used by healthcare professionals to claim medical costs directly to your insurance. The card consists of two sides: the front represents the company you are insured at within the Netherlands. The back displays your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which can be used in case of a medical emergency while staying abroad. The advantage of using the digital version of your personal health insurance card? You'll always carry it with you on your phone, wherever you go!

Find your digital card in our app

The a.s.r. app displays the digital version of your health insurance card. Download our app using the buttons below. 

Once you've downloaded our app you'll find your insurance card by navigating the menu and clicking 'Zorgpas'. 

Your digital insurance card: offline availability

Even if your mobile device has no internet connection, it is possible for you to use your digital health insurance card. Just open the app, click on the health insurance card icon on the top right side of your screen. After you log in with your code you are good to go. 

Your digital card abroad

In an exceptional case it could occur that your digital health insurance card is not accepted while staying abroad. Reason for this is that the EHIC on your digital card is not an official document. Are you in need of medical help and is your card not being accepted? Please contact a.s.r. by calling our emergency service SOS International: +31(0)30 257 35 75

Our SOS international employees are available 24/7 to help you during your stay abroad. By contacting them, you can prevent having to pay for any medical costs yourself. SOS international employees also:

  • Plan and organize surgeries 
  • Facilitate communication between you, the doctor and your relatives 
  • Arrange payments to hospitals and healthcare professionals 

Request a hard copy
Would you like a hard copy version of your health insurance card? Request one by using the buttons bellow. 
FAQ about digital health insurance cards
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Health insurance card
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