A guide to health insurance in the Netherlands

When it comes to your health, you don’t want to worry about whether a healthcare provider is contracted or not. You want to be helped by a doctor of your choice. At a.s.r. we couldn’t agree more. Therefore, we offer a 100% free choice in hospitals and general practitioners with both our basic insurances. Read more about the Dutch health care system and our health insurance plans on this page.

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Our health insurances
*Unless the bill is unreasonably high compared to that of other healthcare providers in the Netherlands.
How does the Dutch healthcare system work?
  • Anyone living or working in the Netherlands is obliged to have a basic health insurance. Even if you already have a health insurance in another country.
  • The government determines what is in the basic health insurance. This basic insurance covers the costs of standard healthcare such as a general practitioner (GP), hospital or medicine from a pharmacy.
  • Every healthcare insurer in The Netherlands is obligated to accept you for their basic health insurance. The insurer charges you the same premium as everybody else. Regardless of your state of health.
  • Children under 18 years old are insured with no additional costs via one of their parents.
  • In addition, everyone may choose (voluntarily) to insure themselves for costs that are not covered by the basic health insurance. We offer several supplementary and dental insurances to cover extra healthcare costs. 
Our basic insurances

You have the choice between 2 basic insurances at a.s.r.:

  • Eigen Keuze (refund policy). With the Eigen Keuze refund policy (restitutiepolis) you can go to whichever care provider you want. For example every independent treatment centre (ZBC). In the Netherlands, we call this ‘free choice of health care’. You need to send the bill you receive from the care provider to your health insurer. Or you need to pay the health costs yourself and claim it afterwards. The healthcare insurer will always reimburse the costs if it is covered by your health insurance.
  • Ruime Keuze (in-kind policy). An in-kind policy (naturapolis) is also called ‘contracted care’. If you choose the Ruime Keuze insurance it is recommended to go to care providers we have a contract with. If for example you visit a contracted independent treatment centre (ZBC), your health insurer will reimburse all the health costs. If you visit a non-contracted independent treatment centre (ZBC) you pay a part of the medical costs yourself. This is on average approximately 30 percent of the total costs.

Our supplementary insurances
Extensive coverage

Do you want to be insured for costs that are not covered by the basic health insurance? Then choose one of our complete supplementary insurances: Start, Extra or Uitgebreid. We offer an extensive coverage of healthcare costs and an excellent premium. 

Urgent medical assistance abroad

A great advantage of our supplementary insurances is that they compensate urgent medical assistance abroad.

Our dental insurances
With our dental insurances you will get extensive coverage of dental costs that are not covered by the basic health insurance or our supplementary insurances. Choose one of our complete dental insurances: Start, Extra or Uitgebreid. With these dental insurances you will have a maximum coverage of € 250, € 500 or € 750 euro.

At a.s.r. all correspondence is in Dutch. But no reason to worry if you don't speak the language. Our healthcare advisors are here to help with all your questions and information requests in English.

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